Corporate Message

Unlock the future
that anyone wants to see

Excitement is indispensable for people’s lives.
Something that moves their hearts makes their way forward with the eyes fixed straight ahead on any day.

Our company BookLive unlocks the future for anyone to see.
We generate an inspiring force to live for tomorrow through a wealth of ideas and innovative technologies.

Our aim is to create the future when both creators and the audience can encounter excitement yet unseen.

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Making fun into a reality
by creating new value

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Message from President

Tadashi Awano

Foster digital content as new entertainment

BookLive has four pillars of business, in other words, the store business, the comic production and publication business, the rights business and the community business based on the corporate philosophy of “making fun into a reality by creating new value” to provide content that enrich the hearts of readers, as well as creating intellectual properties through e-bookstores, manga applications, and other means. In addition, proposing “A leap to a global digital entertainment company” as a vision, we have particularly worked on the creation and video adaptation of electronic comics.

Twenty years after we launched the mobile comic business for the first time in Japan, we are making efforts for the creation of impressive content that will enrich the hearts of people and the improvement of creators’ value even in the era of Web 3.0. We are seriously aiming to “Unlock the future for anyone to see” by delivering Japanese content to the world.

So, all of us will strive to earn your trust and unlock the new future together with you.

BookLive Co., Ltd.

 Representative Director and CEO: Tadashi Awano