We create original works that meet the trends and needs of readers, planning and producing highly entertaining works that are available only here from a unique viewpoint.

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Characteristics of LIVE COMICS

  • A lot of debut opportunities

    The editorial office that can handle all genres solidly supports debuts. There are some creators whose works started a serialization immediately.

  • Many original comics were adapted into other media or became a book

    There are many original comics that became books, and some titles were adapted into dramas. We are aggressively promoting a media-mix approach.

  • Delivered to readers around the world!

    Translated versions of our original comics are widely distributed overseas, including South Korea, Taiwan, the USA, and France. A world debut is not just a dream.

Introduction to labels

Flex Comix

Flex Comix publishes a wide variety of works created as Web comics. It has a successful track record of releasing popular works, including ones adapted into anime or live-action dramas

Introduction to labels

BookLive’s service dedicated to original works created by individuals


This is BookLive’s service of conversion to/distribution of e-books to support individual creators. It also engages in production capitalizing on the strength of operating its own e-book store, as well as conversion to e-books and delivery/distribution of them. Those e-books are delivered and distributed to more than 130 domestic e-bookstores, including “BookLive!”  as BookLive’s label.

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