You can read e-books for free if you buy books/magazines


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“Airbook” is a service in which eligible books and magazines if they are purchased at participating Tsutaya shops with a card which you can collect "V POINT" presented are automatically downloaded to the purchasers’ bookshelves in “BookLive!” in digital form. Users can enjoy the advantages of both the digital version and the printed version, that is, the digital version is for checking information at your destination while the printed version is for viewing the information carefully at home.

Collaborative service between “BookLive!” and Sanseido Bookstore

Sanseido Bookstore

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“BookLive!” and Sanseido Bookstore have taken various approaches in order to activate users of both “e-bookstores” and “physical bookstores” and make booklovers enjoy both e-books and paper ones. Currently, services in collaboration with Sanseido Bookstore are offered aiming for synergy with paper books, including “DIGIPLUS”, which allows purchasers of eligible books at Sanseido bookstores to get the digital version of those books for free and the linkage of data on points and campaigns with “CLUB SANSEIDO”.