Comprehensive platform service for creators


Xfolio image

Characteristics of “Xfolio”

  • Easy to build a portfolio with high originality

    It is possible to build a portfolio easily only by selecting a favorite design from plenty of templates and then uploading and arranging works.

  • Able to sell items within the portfolio

    Xfolio supports both the sales of digital data by download and the direct sales of physical items that need shipping.

  • It is possible to open a fan community within the portfolio

    If creators are interested in receiving support on a regular basis or interacting with their fans more deeply, they can open their own fan community. 

Online learning support for creators


Palmie image

Characteristics of “Palmie”

  • Operates on a monthly subscription, no need for an enrollment fee or cancellation money.

    There is no unexpected expense because this service is provided on a monthly subscription basis. Since there is no maintenance cost for school building due to the online-specific service, high-quality lectures are provided reasonably. 

  • Able to ask questions to staff

    It is possible to overcome a setback in learning together with the staff who assist in the details of the courses and the recommendation of suitable courses.

  • Able to learn anytime and anywhere due to online-specific service

    As the courses are organized so that each session can be finished in around 30 minutes, it is possible to receive the sessions during a little downtime if a smartphone or a personal computer is available.