Video Adaptation / Approaches by Related Goods and Events

We improve the value of Ips through media-mix approaches and merchandising using our Group’s original works. Our operation is multifaceted, including the creation and sales of goods related to our original works and collaboration with other companies and events using IPs.


A comedy in which Jashin-chan, a beautiful demoness whose lower body takes the form of a snake, is summoned by Yurine Hanazono, a girl who likes the occult, and unfolds a slapstick drama in the human world. 
Jashin-chan comic
Novel approaches that are different from those in the traditional anime production business have been taken, including the collaboration with municipalities and companies, the creation of localized anime capitalizing on the hometown tax donation program. The cloud-funding for the production of the fourth season’s TV anime raised more than 100 million yen capitalizing on the support from many ardent fans, which has become a hot topic.


The secret of Section Chief Oji, who is handsome and great at his job, is that he is awfully fond of “something pretty”! But he cannot share it with others! This “Oji-Kawa” comedy is suspenseful and cute due to the secret.
Oji-Kawa comic
The serial started on the Web comic site “COMIC POLARIS” in 2017 and dramatized for TV in 2020. The character “Pagtaro”, which is an idol for the main character, is now playing an active role out of the comic work as a character IP in the real world.

“Pagtaro” Official Site:

Development result

Development Overseas

We have rolled out the e-books and paper books of our Group’s original comics overseas. 
Distribution of the electronic version and sales of paper books, which have focused on the Asian region, are being expanded to the whole world including Europe and the USA for enhancement. In addition, popular works created mainly in China and South Korea are localized for the Japanese market to explore works of new genres actively.
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